Online Registration

On-Line Registration – Getting Started!

In order to begin your on-line registration process, you will first be required to create your DanceBUG Studio Account. Next, complete your Studio Roster, you can enter this information individually or use our fast & easy import feature. Once your Roster is complete with student names and ages, this feature will enable you to easily select your dancers when completing your individual routine entries. What’s even better, your Studio Roster will remain in our system and available for future registrations.

With our system you do not have to complete everything in one sitting.  You can log in and out as often as necessary.  Please note; In order to re-access your entry information to either complete, make changes or corrections to existing entry information PLEASE ENSURE that you DO NOT “COMPLETE REGISTRATION prior to logging off.  All registration info is automatically saved; once your information has been entered it will not be deleted.  You can then log back in at a later time and continue to complete your registration process.  If you require any support please contact us, we would be happy to assist you!

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