Rules & Regs


All ages are calculated as of January 1, 2025*

*For Groups, Trios & Duets; All ages are determined by adding each dancer’s age & dividing by total number of dancers in routine and dropping the decimal. All Soloist ages are determined by age as of January 1, 2025.


    • PETITE
    • MINI
    • JUNIOR
    • TEEN
    • SENIOR
    • OPEN*
    • ADULT 22+

*Please note: Open is for routines where the dancer(s) average age is 19yrs+ and/or any routine which includes a teacher or professional that is age 19 or over. Designated genre still required to be entered within the Open age division.

*Open entries do not qualify for overall award placements of 1st, 2nd or 3rd. All open entries will receive a full adjudication & medal standing only.



All dancers who train on average 5 hours a week or more OR are part of a select group placement. Competitive Division is geared towards dancers who are registered within a studio’s select group and/or attend more than one Competition/Festival within the current dance season.


Dancers who train on average 5 hours a week or less and are in a Recreational setting and are not a competitive dancer by above definition. Pre-Competitive Division is geared towards dancers that are registered within a studio’s recreational setting or atmosphere. These dancers can be dancing in 1 or more classes per week.

*Divisions for each unique dancer cannot be combined. For example; a dancer registered within a competitive group cannot then be classified as a pre-competitive soloist.


  • SOLO: 1 dancer
  • DUET: 2 dancers
  • TRIO: 3 dancers
  • SMALL: 4-9 dancers
  • LARGE: 10-15 dancers
  • LINE: 16+ dancers
  • PRODUCTION: Unlimited


  • SOLO: 3 minutes
  • DUET: 3 minutes
  • TRIO: 3 minutes
  • SMALL GROUP: 4 minutes
  • LARGE GROUP: 5 minutes
  • LINE: 5 minutes
  • PRODUCTION: Max of 15 minutes

All time limits start from the time the dancer(s) are seen until the time of complete stage exit.
An overtime penalty of $50.00 will be applied for any routine exceeding routine lengths.


Classical Ballet

A routine incorporating a majority of Classical Ballet technique. Use of any Classical music is acceptable; props are also acceptable providing there is no story line portrayed in the routine.

Character Ballet

A routine incorporating a majority of Ballet technique with stylized movements.  Must portray a specific character and/or telling of a story line.  May include Pointe and/or lip-syncing.


A routine incorporating a majority of Ballet technique danced on Pointe.


Any routine incorporating a majority of Jazz technique.


Any routine incorporating a majority of Tap technique and rhythmic sounds. No pre-recorded Tap sounds allowed.


A routine incorporating a fusion of Jazz & Ballet technique expressing artistic emotion & lyric interpretation.

Hip Hop

A routine incorporating a majority of Hip Hop technique including breaking, popping, locking, krumping & street dance.


A routine incorporating interpretive movements based on Lyrical and Jazz technique and movement vocabulary. May be merged with the Modern division depending on registrations received.


A routine incorporating interpretive movements based on Modern techniques and movement vocabulary influenced by techniques such as Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Mary Wigman.
May be merged with the Contemporary division depending on registrations received.

Musical Theatre

A routine incorporating a combination of singing, dialogue and dance. NO pre-recorded vocals or lip-synching allowed.


A routine involving a character, story line or theme. Pre-recorded vocals or lip-synching permitted. Consider this classification a “catchall” category.


A routine incorporating a majority of gymnastics or acrobatic technique or tricks.


A Production may include a variety of disciplines and portray a theme or story.  There is no age division for Production entries.  Productions are allowed prop changes and costume changes within the routine.  Please provide details and time required for prop set up & tear down.


    • Crystal 95 & Over
    • Platinum 90-94
    • Gold 85-89
    • Silver 80-84
    • Bronze 79 & Under


Every dancer will be awarded a custom designed medal for each performance. Trophy, cash prizes and Training Scholarships will also be awarded throughout the weekend. Wait, there’s more… Teachers/Choreographers will also be recognized with Choreography Awards and be entered into our Choreo Sweepstakes for a chance to win $200!! Let the choreography begin…


The top 10 high score groups throughout the competition are invited back to perform again in the Battle of The Vibe held on the last evening of the competition. You won’t want to miss the best of the best as they battle for The Vibe 2025 Title, gorgeous crystal trophy and a $1,000 cash prize!!

Battle of The Vibe Rules:
The Battle of The Vibe Board is located in the front lobby and will be updated after each Award Session.  Each studio can only have a Maximum of 4 group routines on the high score board at one time. When the studio max is reached, any routine scoring higher than your lowest score automatically eliminates your studio’s lowest score on the board – no matter of its position on the board. For travel purposes, The board will be confirmed after mid-Sundays Awards Session.  After the cut off time, groups will no longer be bumped from the board (*unless it is within a studio’s max).  Any group routines performed after the cut off may still qualify to make the high score board providing the score is higher than the lowest score on the board.  This means there may be more than 10 groups performing in the Battle. *Routines performing after the cut off from studio’s that already have 4 routines listed in the battle can only be bumped if you beat your studio’s lowest score.  This means that your studios 4 highest scoring routines are performing in the Battle.  The Battle of The Vibe performance order will be communicated to the studios by the Emcee. The Battle of The Vibe Champion is chosen by our adjudicators and is not based on score rather the Adjudicators choice!…Let the Battle begin!


Music to be submitted via DanceBUG. A laptop with all uploaded music will be provided (Stage Right). All teachers are responsible for playing their own music (Stage Right). Please ensure you and your dancers check in with the Emcee at least 15 minutes in advance. Dancers are only allowed backstage 1 number prior to their performance. We reserve the right to run 15 minutes in advance without notification, so please make sure to check in. We also suggest you have a backup copy of all your music readily available backstage.


Routines using props are to be noted on registration.  If you require assistance please make note on your registration and we will be happy to assist you.  All props can be brought backstage one category prior to performance time and must be removed from the backstage area prior to the end of the applicable awards session. No overnight storage is available.


*All fun sign-up events are offered pending schedule availability*

*All fun sign-up events can be pre-registered for online at under the register drop down menu or dancers are welcome to sign up on location!

– Emerging Choreographer Contest

Dancers aged 8 and up can enter a self-choreographed routine. Groups, duets and solo entries are welcome. All routines will be performed in front of our judges and will be adjudicated solely on choreography. There is an entry fee of $25 per dancer and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! All entries are to be a maximum of 2mins in length.

– Improv Solo Dance-Off Challenge

Dancers have the chance to perform one at a time and have 1 minute to showcase their performance and overall Improv dance ability. Genre and music will be chosen by The Vibe Dance Competition. There is an entry fee of $25 per dancer.

The ability to dance Improv is a wonderful tool for dancers to possess giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, talent, personality and confidence. It is also an extremely important skill for the audition process for jobs, schools and other opportunities within the professional dance industry.

– Master Classes with Adjudicators

Dancers 8yrs & up are offered the opportunity to take class from some of the best in the industry! Pending schedule availability Master Classes are held Saturday morning at the Theatre. Classes offered in Jazz & Contemporary with 2 levels Junior (8-12yrs) & Inter/Advanced (13+yrs).


It is our philosophy at The Vibe Dance Competition to use only qualified and experienced Adjudicators. Join us at The Vibe Dance Competition and give your students the chance to be critiqued by some of the best in the industry! We ask that all participants including parents RESPECT the Adjudicator’s privacy and appreciate the feedback given. All decisions made by the Adjudicators are final. All Adjudications will be received by Video Judge. Online viewing of adjudications will be available to the studio owner via their DanceBUG account by noon the day following the event.  Score sheets will be sent to studio owners by email within 48hrs after event.


The Vibe Dance Competition is a family event. There will be no tolerance for inappropriate language, songs, costuming or gestures. All choreography and content must be appropriate for family audiences and any content considered to be in poor taste or failure to comply with any of the above will result in performance or studio disqualification. Disqualification is at the sole discretion of High Frequency Productions and The Vibe Dance Competition Directors and management.



Personal flash photography, video recording or recording devices of any kind are PROHIBITED WITHIN THE THEATRE AND IS STRICTLY ENFORCED BY THE VIBE STAFF. Violation of this rule may result in disqualification. The Vibe will provide an on-site professional Photographer/Videographer at all events.


Dressing Room/Rehearsal Area will be provided for the dancers one hour only prior to each performance time. Please be respectful to all participants while using these areas and we ask that common courtesy be shown to all studios/dancers.


If unforeseen circumstances arise and a routine is unable to perform at the scheduled time, this routine may dance in another category. Any changes to the confirmed schedule will need to be approved by administration or backstage manager. Any routine dancing out of category will not be eligible for awards but will be adjudicated accordingly and a medal placement will be received.


Re-dances will be permitted at the adjudicator’s discretion.


Will be announced only prior to performance.  Student only substitutions are permitted providing the age division is not affected.


Prompting or cueing of a dancer(s) while on stage is not permitted and will result in disqualification.



are asked to check in backstage with the Emcee 15 minutes prior to their performance time.


are asked to check in dancers 15 minutes prior to their performance time with Emcee backstage.


will not be permitted in the backstage area. No exceptions!


All teachers/studio owners are asked to check in backstage with the stage manager upon arrival to receive your teacher’s welcome package. Teachers are also asked to check in all dancers with the Emcee 15 minutes prior to their performance.


All entries are final; no refunds will be given.  The Vibe Dance Competition reserves the right to cancel competition or move the competition to an alternative date due to unforeseen circumstances.  All NSF payments subject to a $45.00 fee.


Early Bird Registration November 1, 2024*
Final Registration January 3, 2025.

*To qualify for the Early Bird Discount all completed entry forms and payment MUST be received by our office no later than November 1, 2024. No Exceptions.

Late Registration Fee: Registrations received after the Friday January 3, 2025 deadline will be subject to a 10% late fee. Space permitting. A studio deposit is required to reserve your spot. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.


1. Online Registration!

In order to begin your on-line registration process, you will first be required to create or login to your DanceBUG studio account.

*No independent entries accepted. All entries are required to be submitted by the studio. We reserve the right to accept or deny any entries. Registration is not complete until forms are submitted & payment is received in full.


Door Admission will be charged, discounted weekend passes will also be available. Programs of the event will be available for purchase. Participating dancers are not required to pay an admission fee. All teachers will have access to the auditorium while wearing their teacher’s pass.


A unique teacher’s get-away filled with refreshments, snacks, daily lunches & dinners. Please enjoy!


Will be available at the Vibe Boutique in the main lobby.